Let Go Of Your Traumas

Traumas from your past can have a big impact on your present. To get rid of your traumas, seek help from an EMDR therapist.

The first thing the therapist will do is assess your symptoms and how ready you are for EMDR. He must understand how your past has affected your present. The therapist will explain why you have certain symptoms and how the trauma has affected your mind. The most important thing is for the therapist to understand what event caused you to become the way you are.

An EMDR therapist must work with you on your traumatic events that put you in such a bad situation. The goal of these therapies is to overcome a certain trauma and to understand that it is in the past and that your life is moving forward and that you must leave the past behind you.

EMDR therapist

When the therapist finds out what the trauma is, then he accesses the traumatic memories and starts bilateral stimulation. This involves stimulating both sides of the brain to help you access your subconscious mind and process what’s in it.

This is encouraged by eye movements from side to side, by listening to sounds in headphones that pass from one ear to the other. In order to move your eyes, the therapist can touch one side and the other side of your body and move your eyes. Eye movements are similar to those movements in sleep that take place while we are dreaming.

In this way, the EMDR therapist helps you start a natural healing process that will help you to suppress the traumatic images from your memory and replace them with some beautiful and happy images.

If you have problems with trauma, one click on EMDR therapist is enough. This therapist will help you to stop feeling anxious and start living a relaxed and happy life.