Luxury Apartments for Rental and Buying

If you are looking for a nice luxury residence in Singapore with all benefits of comfort and pure profusion, then you are searching for it on a right place. If you live in Singapore or you are a businessman that has to move there for work, or for any need you have to get yourself an apartment in this republic, you will find yourself a great residence in claydence condo.

Claydance condo is a complex of buildings meant specifically to make you comfortable and to fulfil all your needs of the things you are used to have at home or more. It provides 28 residential apartments that you could rent or buy for yourself and your family. All of them are big and spread on hundreds and even thousand feet square.

Claydence Condo

They have many bedrooms, and the 4 apartments are actually a full-on penthouse with the ultimate luxury you need and require. This Claydance condo is also great for the position it occupies. It is located in a way of making sure you have privacy and peace enjoying this comfort, but also not being to far from the other places you need like schools for your kids and other.

If you find this article interesting and you want to check out these amazing residences on East Coast, then all you should do is visit Claydance condo website and take a look on them. There you will find all further information on pricing, pictures of the residence and many more specific things you need to know.