One of the most pressing concerns among novice anglers is the performance of their rods. 

They do not always work expectedly, but the responsibility does not fall on them; If not on us fishermen. 

No matter how modern and exquisite a rod maybe if we don’t use it for the conditions in which it was manufactured; little will be what we can get from them.

The best way to make a fishing rod work better is by modifying its action. Although we cannot alter its design and composition. 

We can change the type of rings, adjust them, separate or join them, increase or decrease their number and thus make their action different.

Why change the rings for fishing rods?

A very soft or flexible rod can be hardened by repositioning or changing the type of guides, and a rigid rod can gain a lot of flexibility by decreasing or increasing the space between the rings, etc. 

There are many ways to get good results and improve our rods, however, we have to know what we need to achieve the desired performance in our equipment.

Study the behavior of the species you want to fish

Preparing a strategy is essential in winter fishing since that will allow you to save time and have a hard time. The plan should be based on the biological behavior of your prey.

If the fish is looking for areas of branches, prepare your gear so that it does not get tangled, on the other hand, if the fish is one of those that changes its food, offer it what it is looking for. Be creative and try to put yourself in his shoes to understand how he will react to what you put on him.

Renew your accessories

Every year it is very good to get rid of the equipment or accessories that are causing problems and replace them with new ones. This more than anything happens with the fishing lines, which wear out more quickly than the others.

Final thoughts

For your reel to have greater resistance and to be able to use all its qualities on the first day of use, you must be very conscientious and perform fishing maintenance and cleaning of the fishing reel as soon as you get home.

A little fresh water and a little oil will be the fundamental products. Never use oils or greases that are excessively strong or inappropriate, since with misuse you will soon have problems with your reel and you will have to buy spare parts to improve its use, offer your reel quality with a little care.