Fight Panel Fraud

Excellent Data Quality Protection

Most of the information used in market research comes from surveys. However, there are dishonest people who will abuse these surveys to earn rewards by giving dishonest answers. To protect your surveys from such scams, you need to detect panel fraud survey fraud.

There are several ways to find and remove online survey scams. To make sure you get truthful and accurate answers, you can ask repeated questions. It is best to ask similar questions to which the same answer is expected at the beginning and at the end of the survey. If the user is not fake, he will certainly give the same correct answers, and if he is fake, he will not pay attention and will give completely different answers.

Panel Fraud Survey Fraud

You can also detect fraud in survey panels by calculating the average time a survey takes from start to finish. If the time is much faster or much slower than average, be sure to get incorrect answers and false information.

If you include open comment sections in your survey, you will quickly find out whose answers are fake, as most scammers will copy someone’s comment, so by checking for plagiarism, you can identify incorrect answers.

You can also verify your email address. After verification, you will immediately receive feedback about the reputation of a particular user.

Using the survey checker, you can filter out invalid responses from all fake users and bots. Each of these tools is easy to integrate that verifies responses in real time.

To be able to easily detect panel fraud survey fraud use tools that will help you in this fight. In this way, you will manage to protect the quality of the data.

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